February 1999 Foundation of CHRISTIAN H. MENCZIK Management- und Personalberatung

October 2003 acquisition of Creative Concepts GmbH

February 2008 Foundation of menczik International Recruitment AG Zug / Switzerland

January 2011 menczik International Recruitment Germany

On the one hand open positions in the European market can be filled across national boundaries. On the other hand just this globalisation is used for the reoccupation of expatriates assigned in Asia by European managers and specialists.

Core business of the personal consultancy is the search of top executives by means of targeted direct addressing supported by advertisements. In the course of time complementing business segments as management appraisal and personal coaching were added.

The focus of Christian H. Menczik is the search of types, characters and people with charisma. His special fortitude is his intuition and the detection of persons with a high capability, sometimes coming from allied branches, sometimes being typical crossboarders. His proposals of candidates are characterized by courage, as well as his own attitude and conviction.

Christian H. Menczik

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